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Don't Follow Us On Facebook - 2011/12/05 18:40 What happened to internet? It looks like everybody with a website now must maintain an other one on Facebook. Why? So your own content should become Facebook's content, your visitors to become Facebook's visitors? Isn't it like FB is taking over the internet? All the hard work and money site owners invested to get somewhere now just feels waisted and you have to put in an equal or bigger effort to move your traffic and business there?
Well, I will not help. While I'm around here, goprophoto.eu will never be on the facebook.
Here's something interesting to read about facebook's arrogance although more related to their handling of your personal information but still...
http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/11/30/the-truth-about-facebook-privacy-if-zuckerberg-got- real.html
Before you would call me a hypocrite, yes it's true, my photography biz has a FB page. We made it a long time ago after I attended a seminar about the benefits of marketing on social networks. The truth is we never updated it since, and will probably never update it also that it never brought any business to us. I would delete it but now I am disgusted even to go and spend time there even for that.
Will snap for beer.
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